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August Teacher of the Month

It is an honor and pleasure to announce Ms. Lesa Jagielski as our candidate for the Teacher of the Month Award.
Lesa Jagielski, or “Mrs. J”, is an exceptional kindergarten teacher day in, day out. Lesa’s list of contributions to students and staff is extensive. She is constantly broadening her knowledge, improving her skills, and sharing with her peers what she has learned. Her many contributions include not only being the finest kindergarten teacher around, but also an ESL teacher, lead teacher, Campus Performance Improvement Council member, a mentor and cooperating teacher for aspiring educators, and an unending support system for students needing additional academic support.
Here are a few of the things that Lesa’s colleagues say about her...
“Lesa has been an amazing mentor to me as we have worked together in Kindergarten and now as we work in separate grade levels. She is always there to give helpful advice and engaging activities. She took me under her wing last year, and I am forever grateful for the guidance and support she has given me. Her wisdom and teaching ability is something I strive for and hope to achieve someday.”
“Lesa is an amazing person! She has gone above and beyond in helping me transition to teaching kindergarten. I have seen her interact with her students in the utmost kind ways possible, yet still very firm in what she says needs to be done. She deserves this recognition! Her dedication and hard work do not go unseen. It is with this, that her students succeed and are ready for the grades to come. Lesa teaches with the end in mind.”
“She always has a positive comment and smile, especially when molding and shaping her kinder students. She is very easy going and flexible! Lesa is always willing to go the extra mile. She goes above and beyond in everything that she does. She puts in countless hours preparing for her students. She handles daily situations with a smile on her face and love in her heart. Just today, she took the time to send a kindergarten dad a picture of his child happy and working, because he had left his child a little sad when he dropped him off. She is such an inspiration to others and a blessing at Houston!”
“ Mrs. J...she must have a magical dust that she sprinkles on those beautiful kindergarten students. As a teacher of an older grade I am always impressed when I see her class in the hallway. All of her students wear smiles and silently move through the hallway.”
“Mrs. J.” truly captures the hearts of her students...she installs a true sense of pride in her students. Her students are proud to be in her class, they are proud of their learning, they are proud to be at school, and most of all they are proud to have Mrs. J as their teacher! Houston Elementary and Bryan ISD are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher to help our kindergarten students begin their journey to success! She is helping student set high expectations for their future. Lesa Jagielski is BISD!!!!