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Houston September Teacher of the Month......Julie Jenn

Recommending Ms. Julie Jenn as your number one candidate for the Teacher of the Month Award is a privilege.
Being a new teacher is tough stuff and I doubt you would be able to pick Ms. Jenn out as a new teacher if you walked into her classroom. She is actively engaging her students in the lessons and is very flexible. Ms.Jenn has worked tirelessly, putting in long hours to make sure she is ready for each new day and each new challenge that may come her way. She has gone the extra mile to develop a relationship with one of our toughest students, remaining consistent and steadfast in her expectations and it's working. Her children know she loves them. She asks questions, is a good communicator and problem solver.
Ms. Jenn is a team player. It is was never more evident than a day when one of the teachers on her team had to leave because of a sick child and she willingly accepted the extra students in her class. She smiled and opened the door of her classrom and the extra students to a day of learning.
I was in her classroom during a science lesson one day. They were studying seeds and what they need to survive. She engaged every students attention with the bell ringer. They were asking and answering questions and wanting more information. They were ready to explore with the next part of the lesson. I wanted to stay in her class and participate in the lesson because I wanted to know what happened next.
Her students love her and she has established great relationships with her parents. She is a definitely Being the ONE. We are blessed to have found a great teacher. Julie Jenn is Bryan ISD.