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October Teacher of the Month


Shawn Jenson is one of our superstar fourth grade teachers. Shawn exemplifies the creative and highly motivated professional teacher that any principal would want to hire. Her classroom is a welcoming room with constant activities, creative instruction, and caring, but firm, guidelines. Shawn reaches all her students who have different learning styles and abilities by providing opportunities in which to express themselves with confidence. Her unique teaching style combines charisma, honesty, dedication, and respect for individuality. Shawn’s passion, positive energy, and compassion allow students to dig deeply and freely into their minds and hearts. Her flexibility in working with students and teachers has earned her an enviable reputation as an excellent teacher. This past week, her classroom was alive with engineers working on their proposals, submitting their plans, testing their designs and evaluating their work. The students in Shawn’s classroom consistently score high on district assessments.

Shawn’s  list of contributions to students and staff is extensive.  Her many contributions include not only being a stellar fourth grade teacher, but also a grade level lead teacher , a member of CPIC, and a tutor for students needing additional academic support. She is a member of our WOW design team and is already busy “working on the work” she gives to students. In addition, she is a mentor for TAMU education students.  

Shawn has been a leader through her commitment  to CKH. She patiently  asks students to think about their actions and choices.  It is easy to see that her belief  is that teachers make a difference by being role models, setting good examples, and instilling students with a desire to learn. She is in the business of enhancing lives! Teaching is her calling. She makes today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

Shawn contributes so much of her time, compassion and abilities to make our school and community a better place. Because of the many talents she selflessly shares with students and staff alike at Sam Houston Elementary, I believe Mrs. Jenson deserves to be recognized as Teacher of the Month for 2015-2016.