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Student Dismissal

Thank you for your patience on our first day of school as we learned the dismissal system.  We know that consistency is the key to success.   Going forward please commit to your plan for student dismissal which will be one of the following.

1.  Parent Pick-up, meaning the parent parks and walks in the building to get their student.  If this is your choice, your students will sit on the entrance/lobby side of our building.  Please show your car tag to personnel at the hallway door.  Please form a line sitting around the wooden bench so that we have a 'first come/first served' understanding, with the seat closest to the hallway doors being the first to have arrived.  We will begin there.  Simply show your car tag through the glass partition and we will bring your student forward to you.  Please do not enter the hallways.  Thank you!
2.  Car Rider, meaning that the parent travels through the front circle drive and your child is loaded into your vehicle.  If this is your choice, your students will sit on the exit side of the hallway in our school while they are called by walkie-talkie to the car line.  PLEASE PLACE YOUR CAR TAG ON THE REVERSE SIDE OF YOUR VISOR SO THAT IT IS EASILY FOUND AND READABLE.  Our Safety Patrol help students enter cars.  If you do not have a school issued car tag, you will need to park and enter our building so that we are able to check your identification.  
     - Once the first 4 cars in each lane are loaded, you will be motioned to move 
     - Please be patient.  The first few days we are all learning new names and 
         procedures.  Within a very short time, the line moves like clockwork - I 
3.  Bus, meaning that your child loads the bus at Houston at the back of the building.  Teachers escort students to the bus line and check that they enter the bus.
4.  Walker, meaning that a teacher walks your student to the end of the sidewalk to walk home.  These students are on their own after they are taken to the sidewalk, so we advise this mode of dismissal for older students only, or those students who have a sibling to walk with them.  

We hope these procedures are clear but if you have any question, please feel free to contact us at Houston Elementary.

Thank you!