Mission & Goals


Children First. Always.



Bryan ISD, through innovation and choice in educational offerings, will provide positive experiences that ensure high school graduation and post-secondary success. 



1. Meet the educational needs of every student by continually addressing teaching and learning so all students reach their maximum potential. 

2. Bryan ISD will maintain a high-quality workforce to support student success.

3. Optimize resources to support district goals and student success.

4. Bryan ISD will successfully implement, monitor and evaluate the District Realignment Project.

5. Proactively improve communication and perception of Bryan ISD by engaging the students, community and district employees.



  • Children First. Always.

  • An educated person has unlimited potential for success.

  • Every employee of the district must have the support and tools to succeed.

  • Diversity is an asset.

  • Every child deserves respect and a quality education.

  • No excuse is acceptable—the district must succeed.

  • Public education is the foundation of our community.

  • All students must be post high school ready, preparing them for the workforce and/or higher education.

  • Schools should be a safe place to learn.

  • In educating the whole child by developing their talents, curiosity and imagination.

Have questions about Bryan ISD? Let us hear from you at info@bryanisd.org.


Sam Houston’s  Commitment
Sam Houston Elementary is committed to building tomorrow's leaders one student at a time.

We will value, motivate and educate our Raven family by providing engaging and meaningful experiences that instill a passion for life-long learning and service in a safe environment.

We will build relationships with every student.

We will encourage and develop every child’s individual strengths to maximize his or her potential.

We will teach all students to set and achieve goals, and work through their mistakes, to promote confidence, self-motivation and independent thinking.